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Going For The Jugular -- Justin Nominates Nathan and FBI Guy


Friday night's episode showed why Justin is such a great Big Brother player.  Instead of being swayed by the double talk of the other players, Justin identified his two major threats in the house and put them on the block. 


At one point in Friday night's episode, Nathan swallowed his pride and tried to make a deal with The Three Stooges.  He promised that he would not put any of them up if he was not nominated this week.


We don't know what happened subsequently, but at the nomination ceremony Justin looked both Nathan and Jack directly in the eye and stated that he was nominating them because they flat out lied to his face.


You have to admire the honesty and directness with which Justin is playing the game, but he remains a very vulnerable target.  Either Nathan the pretty boy or Jack will go this week, but after that, there is going to be a huge target on The Three Stooges.  Since Justin is regarded as the ringleader of The Three Stooges, he is going to be target number one.


If we have learned anything from reality shows, it is that a very open and public alliance is going to be a target.  Justin's blatant alliance with the other two stooges could ultimately be his downfall.


--Copyright Big Brother 4 Central 2003


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Dana Evicted 6-0 -- Justin Wins Head Of Household!


In a vote that was widely anticipated, Dana was evicted from the Big Brother House.  Unfortunately for Dana, she will be forever known as "The Mantroll" of Big Brother 4.  The terribly derisive name was started by Scott and became popular with several members of the alliance.


Tonight's show featured a couple shots of Erika referring to Dana as The Mantroll.  Apparently a Mantroll is a woman that looks like a man.  I guess not everyone can afford a rack enhancement like Erika has. 


Even though she took much abuse from the houseguests, Dana did leave the house with class and dignity, although it is certain that she will be PISSED once she sees what those houseguests have been saying about her behind her back.


At the end of the show tonight Justin became the new Head of Household.  It will be interesting to see the dynamic in the house change over the next couple of days.  Within minutes after losing the HoH competition, Alison was getting teary-eyed over getting Dana evicted.  Apparently Alison has no limit to her fakeness.


Expect the HoH room to be busy as Justin and the other his two cronies start making deals.  It should be fun to watch.


Alison Makes A Deal With Justin -- Nominates Jun And Dana


Once Alison won head of household, Big Brother fans everywhere started assuming that it would be Dana and Justin up on the block this week.  Jack and Erika were definitely pushing for those two to be nominated, but Alison had other ideas.


The pivotal moment came when Justin went into the head of household room and had a long talk with "Psycho-Chick" Alison.  Justin was able to make a deal with her, thus securing his safety in the house.  The other members of the "alliance" were not pleased that Justin was not nominated, and Jun seemed to be shocked that she wasn't safe.


The simple fact of the matter is that Jun put a big red target on herself the moment she aligned herself with Dana.  It also hasn't helped that she pisses off Alison at every opportunity. 


Actually the best thing for Jun might be to leave the show.  Jun has a new nickname: "Wanda The One Ton Wonder Whale".....she has been eating and eating and eating and she has gained a ton of weight since the show started.


As for Dana, what comes around goes around.  Justin is even abandoning her now.  She was mad with power when she was HoH, and now that is coming back to bite her. 


--Copyright Big Brother 4 Central 2003


David Evicted 5-2...FBI Guy Lives To Fight Another Day


In another shocking Big Brother 4 episode, Jack "The FBI Guy" was able to save himself and David the ex-army ranger was evicted from the Big Brother house.


At first it looked like Jack was a goner.  David offered to make an alliance with the exes whereby he would put up Nate and Alison ("The Blondes") if he were to get head of household.


However, after that deal was made, Jack went to work.  This was really the first time in the series that we saw Jack get down to making deals with the other side and working the angles.  Wisely, Jack pulled Justin aside and started working on a deal with him.  In the end, Jack was able to convince the exes to evict David.


After the eviction ceremony, Alison ("Psycho-Chick") won the Head of Household competition.  We here at Big Brother 4 Central were absolutely horrified over that turn of events.  Now the power rests with Alison and Nathan.  It seems likely that Alison will now nominate Justin and Dana ("Mantroll"). 


Perhaps if we are lucky, Big Brother will make the next veto competition be a steel cage wrestling match and let us watch Dana and Alison beat the living stuffing out of each other. 


--Copyright Big Brother 4 Central 2003


Nathan Uses The Golden Veto To Save Psycho Chick -- Dana Nominates David In Her Place


On last night's episode, Nathan won the golden veto and saved Alison.  Dana had to nominate another member of the original alliance, and chose David - the former Army ranger.  Now David is pitted against Jack.


The funny thing is that neither David nor Jack seems too worried.  David might not be all there mentally, but we here at Big Brother 4 Central expected more from Jack.  Wasn't he supposed to be the big former ex-FBI stud?  Maybe his years in the FBI have left him incapable of lying, and he figures that if he is going to be evicted that he should just take it like a man.


If Jack, lovingly called "FBI Guy" by Big Brother fans, is going to survive and do well in this game, he is going to have to use some deceit and some smooth talking, and to this point he hasn't really shown a willingness to go to the dark side.


David, on the other hand, has shown little beyond being a one-dimensional goofball, and if he wants to survive he will probably need to step up his game.


So tonight the thing to watch for is whether or not one of those two will step up and start playing the game hard.  Whether or not David or Jack is willing to start really playing the game and start using a little deceit will probably determine who remains in the house tonight. 


--Copyright Big Brother 4 Central 2003


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Justin Plays The Dana Card -- Dana Nominates Jack And Alison And Breaks The Alliance!


In the most shocking episode of the current season, Dana nominated Jack and Alison for eviction.  Obviously under the influence of Justin's charms, Dana was persuaded to go against her prior alliance and nominate two of the alliance's strongest players.


This episode will probably be pinpointed as the time when Justin emerged as a major player in the game.  Prior to this episode he was mostly characterized as a "jock" or as one of the "Three Stooges" with Robert and Jee.  Now, however, it is obvious that he is playing the game really hard.


Justin is using Dana's physical attraction to him to accomplish his goals in the house.  In many ways, Justin reminds the staff here at Big Brother 4 Central of Roddy.  They are both highly competitive, and they both subtly use their attractiveness to accomplish their goals.  In a season that had featured few inspiring characters, the emergence of Justin as a complex and charming competitor is very refreshing.


Now the remaining members of the alliance are very angry with Dana.  Alison called Dana a "psycho", which is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.  Jack seems to be in shock over being nominated, and don't be surprised if he is willing to offer an olive branch to Justin to try to save himself this week.  In any event, definitely don't miss the next episode, because the game is now officially starting to heat up!


--Copyright Big Brother 4 Central 2003



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